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Vision Board Workshop
Saturday, January 19, 2019, 9am-1pm
Empowering Yourself to Achieve!
Most of us live day-to-day focused on the short-term aspects of our lives, from getting through the big meeting with the client tomorrow, stopping at the grocery store because we realize we're out of milk, paying the bills for the month, running the kids to soccer practice, calling a friend because you heard they weren't feeling well - and the list goes on, doesn't it?
But when was the last time that you STOPPED and looked at the BIG PICTURE of your life? When was the last time you focused on what is important to you and what it is that brings you joy?  Let me share this secret with you.
Olympic athletes and successful business people achieve their goals because they are excellent at visualizing their expectations.
Studies have proven that we can train brains to think differently, learn new skills and attract new opportunities.
By visualizing what you want to achieve, your brain reprograms itself to believe that it is actually happening. As a result, you naturally begin to attract the people and circumstances into your life that can turn your dreams into reality.
This is where the idea of a vision board comes in.
A vision board is a powerful goal-setting tool that helps you focus on what's important. It reminds you daily of what you should be doing in order to achieve your goals. Vision boards bring clarity and focus to what it is you truly want to achieve - be it in business, your personal life, or both.
A vision board helps you:
⦁    Identify your vision;
⦁    Reinforce what is most important to you; and
⦁    Keep your attention focused on things that matter - every day!
Saying "I want to own my own business" or "I want to spend more time with my kids" or "I want to travel" are too-general statements - being specific about your goals leads to greater realization.

We've also been told that writing our goals on paper makes them even more powerful. When you couple these written goals with pictures, affirming statements and other inspirational messages, your dreams begin to speak to your conscious and subconscious mind, ensuring that your actions are in alignment with your goals.
So, yes, you understand all of that. You even believe it. And you've been meaning to make one of those boards for a long time, but you never seem to make the time to do it!  How many times will you say there is no time to do one of the most important things you can to take you to the next level?
Today is the day to say something different! Sign up for The Vision Board Workshop - Empowering Yourself to Achieve!  A workshop designed for you to accomplish the first step to achieving your dream - creating your vision board - all in one session!  Register Now!

This workshop is for anyone who wants:
·         To create a vision board but can never find the time;
·         To be taken away from the ordinary to have time to focus on the extraordinary;
·         To make their dreams a reality;
·         To have lasting and loving relationships;
·         To have good health;
·         To form a deeper connection to spirit;
·         To live the life they were born to live;
·         To change the course of their life;
·         To be more connected to their inner self and have a happy, fulfilled life.
The leaders of this workshop are BrendaLynn Hammon, Megan Malkasian and Linda Pollock of Soleil Wellness & Day Spa.
We believe strongly in the power of the human spirit and the fact that everyone deserves to live the life of their dreams. The Vision Board Workshop - Empowering Yourself to Achieve!
At the workshop you will:
·         Learn more about what a vision board is and how it works.
·         Create your own vision board to inspire and empower you.
We will provide:
·         Space and time to imagine, create and design the board of your dreams; meeting like-minded individuals to help inspire you to follow your dreams.
·         Supplies: poster board, glue/tape, markers/pens, scissors, magazines.
·         Guidance in helping you design your board, handouts will be provided
·         Part of the session will include an opening and closing meditation.
·         Lunch: turkey or veggie wrap (gluten free), soup tomato basil or chicken noodle, and drink
What to bring:
·         A willingness to design your future!
·         What else to bring (optional items):  Photos of family and friends or others, inspirational sayings.
You can use your vision board to illustrate goals and dreams of all areas of your life or in just one specific area that you want to focus. Keep it simple and not cluttered. A vision board is not a place for chaos!
Make your dreams a reality in 2019! No more excuses! Get started on your vision board on January 19, 2018 and begin to be inspired and empowered by your dreams!

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